Genetic tests, very expensive, can determine the genetic susceptibility of each has certain conditions. It is then possible to propose a personalized preventive program. A futuristic medicine which is developed in UK, in the absence of regulation. What? What to think? In 2002, a geneticist at the importance of Russia such genetic testing. With the help of an analytical laboratory deprives the Puy de Dome, they were marketed in UK. Indeed, as part of a legal vacuum, this practice was implicitly declared lawful by a letter from the Ministry of Health. Thus in 2002, tests have been hit with 236 customers, while they were 345 the following year. However, the expenditure is important prescribed by doctors, they cost 50 to 500 euros and are not reimbursed. Much of these customers are smokers wishing to know their susceptibility to lung cancer. .
Many geneticists will astonish, while some speak of fraud. The idea is particularly interesting, but today the area remains futuristic. The predictive value of these tests would be far too weak to support commercialization. In Brussels, the anxieties concern the lack of quality assurance, risk of discrimination by employers or insurers, eugenics with practice tests on the child before birth or on embryos before implantation in the uterusA..