The family therapy is a collective adventure and a work in progress. Therapist’s office can bring several generations and different therapists. When deciding to undertake such an initiative and who to consult? Update on therapy of this tribe. Why consult? The different schools of thoughts description seancesOu go? Why consult? The goal of treatment is to help everyone to get rid of the embrace in which all emotive, in our families, we are chained, says the specialist family therapist Murray Bowen. When the general family dysfunction results in Particular psychopathology, family therapy can provide the solution. Instead of being centered on the case (s) individual (s), the therapeutic action to address a whole family group. The different schools of thoughts 1 / psychoanalytic family therapy: psychoanalytic theory is addressed here is the whole family. .
It passes the dehulled and all the workings of a family deeply unconscious. These therapies assume that a patient’s symptoms are in fact the expression of intra-family conflict. Duration: several years in general. 2 / The structural family therapies: here, the target of intervention is not the past, but this family system. For the study of transactions, alliances and coalitions within a family, people try, with the (s) therapist (s), to make changes. Duration: about a dozen sessions spread over one year. 3 / The systemic family therapies: invented in the United States, systemic theory describes the family as an open system, inside which its members interact, that is to say that everyone reacts to the difficulties of others. Mental illness and the various disorders are considered as the result of dysfunctional family relationships. Duration: one year on average.