Being a bit enclosed at the hips, buttocks and thighs is not bad for health. In contrast, fat localized in these areas helps to fight against heart disease and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Abdominal fat against fat on hanchesMoins risk of diabetes and diseases cardiaquesBien feeding remains indispensableGraisse against abdominal fat on the hips At first glance, this finding is somewhat surprising. Physicians do not they tell us over a length of years that overweight and obesity can cause health problems like type 2 diabetes? It’s true, but it depends on the location of the body or fat has accumulated. Scientists have long known that abdominal fat is more dangerous to health than fat on the hips. That is to say, a pear shape is healthier than apple-shaped. But, recently, British researchers from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism (OCDEM) discovered that if the fat on the hips is not extremely good for health, it is certainly more than abdominal fat, even when it contributes positively to the health of the person..
Lower risk of diabetes and heart disease How this fat on the hips can it be beneficial to health? Our body stores the energy in the form of fatty acids. It uses these reserves after intense physical exertion or when hungry. However, compared with the fat on the hips, abdominal fat stores and releases more active fatty acids. In other words, more abdominal fat is abundant, the more fatty acids that circulate in the body. And, consequently, the greater the risk of damage organs and muscles, and thus diabetes and heart disease. The British study has shown that the fat on the hips reduces these risks. Indeed, it long retained the harmful fatty acids that abdominal fat, which also frees fewer cytokines responsible for inflammation in the body. The latter being associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Finally, the fat on the hips also free up more of adiponectin.