The obese people remain seated two and a half hours more per day than people of normal weight. Thus, if they moved as much as the others, just in their daily activities (household, music, tap your feet.), They could easily lose 15 pounds in the year! The discovery can be summarized as follows: the calories burn people during their daily activities, play a role far more important in obesity than we imagined. In parallel, we see that the obese subjects had a spontaneous tendency to inactivity. That is to say they have a biological need to be more assoire. But for spending of calories, there are two solutions: to realize the sport or everyday activities. And the latter way seems to be very effective. Twenty volunteers sedentary, half thin, the other half obese, were enrolled in this study. They systematically took their meals in the hospital, while they continued their daily activities. All their movements, down to the smallest foot tapping, were measured for ten consecutive days. To realize this feat, motion detectors have been incorporated in underwear specially designed doors and 24h/24 during the ten days of the study..